Brand inc Creative Group is taking the plunge and venturing into the legal profession. The agency has partnered up with one of the most reputable law firms in South Africa, Abrahams and Gross, and is currently rolling out an online PR strategy for the firm.

Founded in Cape Town in 1935 when trolleybuses were public transport and before St. George’s Cathedral was built, Abrahams and Gross is a well-established South African institution with a track record of more than eighty years. The firm offers legal services and expertise in many areas of law ranging from corporate and commercial law, to estate planning, conveyancing and family, divorce and matrimonial law, to mention a few areas they specialise in.

“The legal sector is a highly competitive market that poses various challenges and we recognised the need to partner with a marketing expert, so we approached Brand inc,” says Abrahams and Gross Director, Henno Bothma.

Brand inc’s strategy incorporates blog posts, online media, branded social posts and the best tools for each social media platform. The focus is on building the brand profile and that of its attorneys by becoming a resource on legal news and advice that will be valuable to customers and the general public.

“We wanted to help Abrahams and Gross update all their digital collateral, modernise their image and make their brand more approachable,” says Brand inc MD, Chris Heaton. “We are creating monthly content that adds genuine value while positioning the firm as thought leaders on legal matters in South Africa. The content builds a loyal community, grows the brand and ultimately acquires new leads and clients.

“Brand inc is very happy to be partnering with Abrahams and Gross and being able to showcase our marketing expertise in the legal world,” adds Heaton.

“By outsourcing our marketing needs, we can now focus on our core function of providing expert legal services,” concludes Bothma. “We are excited by the partnership and look forward to seeing the growth across our online channels.”