Integrated communications has at its core emotion driven content that ignites a brand’s story. The best brands are emotional. They inspire trust and loyalty from consumers as they journey through life. The most powerful position for any brand is to be invited to join that ride.

Our brave new digital world positions marketing as a game changer. Offering solutions, business transformation and human storytelling experiences, agencies can build better brand strategies that revolve around the consumer. Facilitating this connection between brand and buyer, moves the consumer from desire through to advocacy and beyond.

“Today the user experience and the customer journey are paramount,” says Brand inc MD Chris Heaton. “Integrated communications means that we take all disciplines – advertising, design, digital, media, sponsorship and PR – and form a cohesive strategy that speaks to that experience.

“We want to be agile, stay true to our core strengths and strategically collaborate to stay relevant. By offering a multi-disciplined, integrated approach, Brand inc is future-proofed and well positioned to weave a meaningful, customer-centric story that connects brand to their consumers on an emotional platform.”

Road map to digital success

With significant expertise in the digital, social, media and PR space, Brand inc has also aligned with several of the top marketing and digital minds in the industry. This Creative Collaboration forms part of the Brand inc Creative Group and includes media innovation company – Tag 8, technology solutions enthusiasts – Maverick, digital specialists – Social Animal and sponsorship guru – Jon Adams.

“The digital marketing world is moving at a frightening speed with new updates and changes taking place daily,” says Social Animal MD Renier Lombard. “The best at innovation are the ones that enhance life in meaningful ways. Bringing creative, intriguing ideas to life and providing relevant, authentic and shareable content for consumers in a strategically sound way is the road map to digital success.”

“Digital is about a new way of conceptualising business: it is a strategic lens on technology,” says Maverick Digital client service director, Jayde Nienaber. “We don’t see digital as a marketing tool. We see it as the product; the service; the default ecosystem and culture of an information-driven future. We believe that Brand inc shares our digital vision, and are excited about our partnership.”

Turnkey sports sponsorship capabilities

Last year, Brand inc successfully assisted the rights holder in commercialising the biggest mass participation event in SA, The Color Run. The agency also developed and executed activation strategies for the new found sponsors including Medihelp, Super C and Nashua Ltd.

“Uniquely, within the sponsorship industry we offer a turnkey capability that is grounded in exceptional know how and brought to life through our experienced and capable team,” says Jon Adams.

“We are the only agency in South Africa that is offering a powerful, integrated sponsorship and digital package. This and our innovative approach to commercialising properties that unlocks value across their assets – digital, social, broadcast etc. – means that we are the go-to agency for event and sports sponsorship in SA. Demand is only going to explode as clients see the value on offer,” he says.

New ways of thinking

“The past is no longer a predictor of future success,” concludes Heaton, “and we need to be flexible and adopt new ways of thinking. Through effective, authentic stories, brands can cultivate relationships, become familiar and earn trust.

“As designer James Bertrand once said: “Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.”