As the Currie Cup competes against an array of rugby tournaments for fan attention, a novel new campaign highlights the lighter side of rugby and has been driving renewed interest in the players and the tournament.

Brand inc initially pitched the campaign idea to Nashua who is in a three year Currie Cup sponsorship agreement with SA Rugby. The office solutions provider saw the potential and together with proud partner, DirectAxis Financial Services, and SA Rugby, created the shared sponsorship content.

The clips have been driving fan engagement across social media.

The clips have been well received by fans across social media.

“The Currie Cup harbours the best of young rugby talent in South Africa,” says Brand inc MD, Chris Heaton. “We are telling the stories that have made the players who they are today, revealing the lengths they go to, to be able to play the game that they love.

“We wanted to show these very real, inspirational characters in creative ways, allowing them to make a strong emotional connection with the fans,” he says.

The Brand inc production team travelled the country and spent three days with each team, shooting one-on-ones and team trick-shots, with a total of 28 Currie Cup Clips being produced. These are currently being released across the partners’ digital and social media channels, as well as being flighted on SuperSport.

“We were always aware of the social nature of the content we were creating and the clips are designed to be fun, engaging, unexpected and shareable,” says Brand inc Creative Director, Nicky Clarivette.

“These young guns are under a lot of pressure and all dream of rising to the top of the game. Besides their talent, they have lives outside of the sport and we wanted to get to know this side of them in a way that fans could relate to. We asked them everyday questions about their favourite foods, series, what they do off-field, how they cope with injuries or challenges, as well as what drives them,” continues Clarivette.

“With the team trick-shots we wanted to show the players relaxed, having fun with the ball while showcasing what they can do. Hitting a target or trying to make a challenging trick shot is something universal that most people, especially rugby fans, can relate to.”

The clips have been received well by fans and DHL Western Province EW Viljoen’s clip soared to 12,000 organic views in the first 24 hours with a genuine but funny piece where he mentions his favourite band.

The light hearted, engaging content has brought the player closer to the fan.

The campaign has ensured that fan interest is high before the tournament starts.

“Lifestyle and entertainment orientated content can ensure that fan engagement is high by the time the season actually starts,” says Heaton. “Sports properties need to activate their whole range of assets to maximise the fan experience, and build up interest and excitement well in advance to the first whistle being blown.”

“This campaign has been a great collaboration between Nashua, Direct Axis, SA Rugby as well as the Currie Cup teams that participated. Brand inc partnered with Director Jas Miszewski and Producer Roland Reed from Undiscovered Media and Jacques Nel from What’s Cutting Post to bring the vision to life. The talented and hardworking creative and production teams were coolheaded under pressure and tackled every challenge with style and grace.

“Currie Cup Clips is enjoyable, light hearted, engaging content that brings the player closer to the fan,” concludes Heaton. “The Currie Cup is our most loved and iconic tournament, and it has been a fantastic team effort to work on the tournament while supporting our young players and the future of the game.”

Watch the Currie Cup clips: