The South African legal sector has always been highly competitive but it has become increasingly so as international firms vie for market share. Never before has strategic marketing been so crucial and it is why Abrahams & Gross attorneys reached out to Brand inc’s marketing knowhow a year ago.

Outsourcing marketing enables law firms to focus on the law

“Abrahams & Gross needed to outsource their marketing needs to enable them to focus on what they do best – the law,” says Brand inc MD, Chris Heaton. “Our aim was to help make the firm more digital-savvy, customer-friendly, approachable and make sure that we built a community that we could market to.”

“Together we have modernised their brand with an attractive, new website, grown a loyal digital community on social channels and established the firm as a legal resource for customers and potential customers,” he says.

New website, social media growth and solid lead generation

In a great collaboration over the past twelve months, the partnership achieved the following:

  • Grew Facebook fans by 259%.
  • Reached up to 13,500 people on Facebook per month.
  • Grew Twitter from 13 to 3,386 followers.
  • Reached up to 92,700 people on Twitter per month.
  • Launched a fresh and user-friendly website.
  • Increased quality lead generation by 30%.

Client-friendly content marketing

The firm’s content marketing strategy presents attorney-driven articles unpacking many legal subjects, and branded social media posts that visually present legal FAQ’s and facts of law that would appeal to the public. Both forms of content have resulted in positive engagement from clients and potential customers.

“Law firms generally feel unapproachable to the layman,” adds Heaton. “It was important to position Abrahams & Gross as friendly, professional and available, and to make the law space more accessible for everyone. By bridging this divide in public perception, the firm has grown its client base and it has positively affected the bottom line.”

Big up-tick in quality lead generation

The firm has reported a three-fold increase in enquiries of which approximately a third lead to further consultation.

Founded in 1935, Abrahams and Gross has been practising law under the iconic Table Mountain for 83 years. The firm is well-known in Cape Town for its legal expertise in property, litigation, family law, business and immigration.

Being a digitally savvy law firm enables growth

“As consumers become more immersed in our digital age, it is imperative that traditionally slow-moving industries like the legal world transition with haste into a new model, one that is more user-friendly, agile and efficient,” concludes Heaton.

“The success of this campaign demonstrates our capability in the digital and social media space with a results-driven approach. It has been a pleasure working with one of South Africa’s most esteemed law firms and we look further to collaborating further in 2018.”