Nashua Rugby Skills Project Case Study


  • Make a meaningful and sustainable investment in rugby in SA.
  • Contribute to skill improvement in school-level rugby
  • Own an innovative school rugby sponsorship property
  • Engage Nashua franchises with schools in their communities
  • Create the potential for sales leads within the school sector
  • Increase customer awareness, strengthen brand loyalty and deliver on Nashua’s brand promise – Saving you time, saving you money, putting you first

The Big Idea

Nashua Limited is a leading Total Office Provider with a long-standing reputation for supporting South African sports, with a particular focus on rugby and its development. The ShadowBall is a South African designed, flat-sided rugby ball that enables solo pass-and-catch technique training. Through The ShadowBall Academy, programmes and drills were developed and scientifically tested to improve a player’s pass / catch accuracy by as much as 266% in just four weeks. Together, the partnership between Nashua and ShadowBall formed a unique sponsor-brand fit with aligned values and exceptional business impact. The result was the launch of the The Nashua Rugby Skills Project in 2017.


  • National roadshow with Activation Day 1 and 6 weeks later, Activation Day 2
  • Activation Day 1 – set up of training and demo drills equipment at schools
  • VR Footage and mobile application used with Google Cardboard
  • A max of 120 kids and 16 school coaches trained in one afternoon
  • Guest ex-pro SA rugby players participate in the drills
  • Players skills are tested and recorded with the assistance of local Nashua franchise staff
  • ShadowBall kits are left with the school for kids to train on their own
  • Roadshow returns after 6 weeks for Activation Day 2
  • Players are reassessed and results recorded
  • Top performing and most improved teams and individuals in each region are awarded prizes with a R30 000 cash prize to the most improved school
  • 3 regions participated in Currie Cup Halftime Activation events against Currie Cup players to challenge them on ShadowBall skills
  • For every school activation, a development (underprivileged community) school was invited to participate.

Business execution

In exchange for the NRSP experience, schools allowed Nashua to conduct a free office assessment of their office systems. This gave Nashua an opportunity to recommend solutions. The school is under no obligation to do any business with Nashua if it so chooses.


100% – Return on investment generated through business closed directly from activation in year 1. This would be ongoing revenue per year, with further revenue added based on new business signed through continued activation into year 2 and 3.

R3 600 000 – Free media coverage of the Nashua Rugby Skills Project

  • 73 schools were activated
  • 2131 young rugby players partcipated and developed their rugby skills
  • 150 school coaches were coached
  • 50% – average improvement recorded across all participants
  • 107% – average improvement of the top performers across all schools
  • 114% – Highest overall team increase (Vredendal High in the WC)
  • 223% – the highest recorded individual improvement